Move over Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore is on its way!

Following on from the success of American ‘reality’ show Jersey Shore, the UK has decided to get in on the action too,  introducing to you…GEORDIE SHORE.

The MTV show will follow 8 loud and proud Geordie lads and lasses who have been let loose for 6 weeks of wild partying in the glamorous city of Newcastle! (If you hadn’t already guessed from the name)

The cast will be living in a 5 star luxury house complete with shared bedrooms and a hot tub. Oh and what would a shore house be without an outhouse for those ‘special visitors’.

However, the Geordie lads will have to be on top form to compete with the pulling powers displayed by Mike, Pauly, and Vinnie who definitely earned their status as MVP throughout the 3 seasons of Jersey Shore.

Whether the show will be as successful remains to be seen but the cast are certainly going to attempt to give their American rivals a run for their money! As well as daily gym, tan and laundry sessions, the cast will also be seen fist pumping at some of the most renowned hot spots on the Diamond Strip.

According to the MTV website, Geordie housemate Jay is rarely pictured with his top on and his mantra in life is ‘whoever, whenever’ while Holly is known to get in to fights at the end of a night. Hmm sound familiar…? The Situation and Jwoww spring to mind!

Hopefully the gang aren’t just cheap imitations of the Jersey Shore cast but you can be the judge of that by tuning in to MTV on May 24th at 10pm!


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