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Broadcast project: Closure of Pontefract A&E

This is a news piece I filmed and edited, using Final Cut Pro, on the closure of Pontefract’s A&E department. Because the story is a long and complex one, I chose to focus my video on one particular area of importance, which is how the closure has affected local people. I filmed in various locations in Pontefract and Castleford and filmed just as new information about the hospital came to light, which is that the department may be closed for another 5 years.  The story is still on going and I am currently writing an article explaining the issue in more depth and uncovering new information.



Leeds student break in news package


I decided to produce this video last year as I wanted to make people aware of the numerous burglaries happening in and around Hyde Park and what people could do to prevent it. I went around various places in Hyde Park for my footage and also added a vox pop in which I stopped students on the street to ask them whether the burglaries had made them feel unsafe. I think it was an extremely important issue around Leeds at the time, particularly for students and so I am glad I was able to cover it.